How to Get Your Late Fee Waived

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It’s easy to overlook a credit card payment that’s due during the busy holiday season. But it’s an expensive oversight. Companies are allowed to charge you $25 when you’re late with a payment and an even higher fee if you’re more than once in a six-month period. So is it possible to talk the credit card companies into giving you a break on that late fee? It depends. If you’re a customer in good standing who normally pays your bills on time, you have a good chance of convincing a company representative to take the late fee off your bill. Here’s how to approach it. Pay the bill before you call—but consider deducting the late fee charge so the bank can just waive the fee rather than refunding it...

You Found a Credit Card that’s Not Yours! How You Can Honestly Help the Cardholder

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If you’ve ever lost a credit card, you know the feeling of panic that sets in once you discover your card is missing. And if you’ve ever found a credit card, you probably want to help the card’s owner by keeping the lost card out of the wrong hands. There are a number of actions you can take when you find a lost credit card, and some are better than others. Take a look: Give the card to a store employee. If you find a lost card in a parking lot or grocery store aisle, your first thought may be to turn it in to a cashier or the customer service counter. Most of the time, they will put the card in the lost and found or hold it in case someone comes to claim it. This will help keep the card...

Traveling for the Holiday? Consider These Cards with Gas and Airline Perks

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Do your December holiday plans include a road trip to Grandma’s or a flight across the country for some time on the Colorado ski slopes or in the warm Florida sun? Whatever your destination, you can make your trip more economical—and maybe a little more enjoyable—when you use the right credit cards along the way. Here are a few cards that offer some great fringe benefits for travelers: The U.S. Airways Premier World MasterCard It will cost you $89 a year, but if U.S. Airways is your airline of choice you could earn that annual fee back on your first trip using this credit card. You not only get your first checked bag free on domestic U.S. Airways flights...

Give Yourself a Present: Earn Credit Card Points with Your Holiday Shopping

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Whether you’re just starting your holiday shopping or ready to finish it up, odds are good that in the next few weeks you’ll be hitting the local stores or shopping at your favorite online retailer for gifts. But you don’t have to settle for just getting someone else a present. Give yourself a holiday bonus by using your rewards cards strategically. The types of cards that you have and the way you handle your credit card debt is the best way to determine how you make credit card purchases. Do you have more than one rewards card? Check with each card issuer to see if they’re offering any special promotions, like double or triple points on certain purchases during the holiday shopping season...

Shop Holiday Deals with Your Credit Card Now

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Retailers used to save their best holiday deals for Black Friday and the four weeks or so between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But no more. Amazon, for one, started its Black Friday countdown on November 1, and many other online and brick-and-mortar stores are launching similar campaigns, eager to capture shoppers’ attention (and dollars). Using your credit card will allow you to take advantage of these early deals even if you don’t have the cash immediately handy. When you see a bargain price on an item that’s on your gift list, you can use your credit card to snatch it up immediately. You don’t have to worry that the item will be gone before you can cash...


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