Launches New, Enhanced Website

/ BY / Credit Cards, a leading site that allows consumers to research, compare, and apply for credit cards online, recently announced the launch of their completely redesigned website, which went live earlier this week.

“Credit cards offer more perks and rewards now than ever before, and consumers need to know exactly what’s on the market in order to choose a card that offers the most benefits,” says Alex Liang, President at “Our site provides the tools and services needed to not only select the perfect card, but tips and information for managing debt and using credit wisely.”

In addition to a fresh makeover, the new site includes a number of new features that simplify the credit card shopping and application experience, including:

  • Updated user interface.’s new user interface is crisp, clean, and easy to navigate. Designed to help users quickly access the site’s most important features, it does so without overloading the user or burying links and information.
  • Credit card finder function. The homepage features a new credit card finder function on the homepage, which allows users to immediately find more info about a card based on category, credit level, or issuer. Users can drill down further to select from a complete list of extensive options.
  • Credit card comparison tool. The new comparison tool is an invaluable research that allows users to search for and compare up to four different cards. Users can filter results by a wide range of options, including credit score, introductory offers, and reward types.
  • New blog. While the main purpose of the site is to help people search for and select the perfect credit card, it also includes tools that anyone—whether shopping for a card or not—will find valuable. The site’s new blog features a wealth of useful information on a wide range of categories, including personal finance, managing debt, credit and credit scoring, and business finance. Search for posts by category, month, or most viewed articles.
  • Glossary. The homepage also features a link to a glossary, a particularly useful tool for anyone researching cards that may not be familiar with key terms used in the credit card industry. This valuable list can help card shoppers make the most educated decisions when selecting a card.

“The redesign and launch of is designed to completely enhance the credit card shopping and application experience,” says Alex Liang. “Through a great deal of research and implementation of user feedback, we’ve created a site that will exceed the expectations of anyone who wants to search for and compare cards, apply for credit, or learn more about personal finance.”

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