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With so many different credit cards available, it’s difficult to choose one. Why not apply for credit cards that give you something in return? Some cards are designed to reward loyal shoppers, while others grant points or offer cash back for frequent use.

Whatever the perks, these cards offer the best return when the balance is paid off monthly. Accumulating interest and other charges may cost you more than the rewards you qualify for, so consider your payment habits before you sign up for a card.

Here are some of the cards that offer rewards to their owners.

Airline credit cards

These cards offer frequent flyers the opportunity to earn miles that can be redeemed for seatingupgrades or free flights. Some airline credit cards offer extras like rental car insurance, hotel discounts, and travel package discounts. Mileage awards are based on how much you spend.

Most cards offer new customer bonuses, but check the qualifying requirements before you commit.

Best for:  Frequent travelers

Gas Cards

Gas cards are brand-specific cards that offer perks related to how much gas you purchase each month. They usually offer a generous sign-on bonus. The level of your discount, anywhere from 5-25 cents, depends on how much you spend each month. Much like airline credit cards, gas cards reward loyalty to one brand by encouraging you to fill up regularly at their stations.

The discount levels vary widely, so be sure to research each card on a credit card comparison website before you commit.

Best for:  Road warriors and business owners

Retail rewards

Issued by retail stores, these cards offer coupons, discounts, and preferred shopping privileges. Other perks include free alterations, sign-on gift cards, and free shipping for online orders. Retail rewards cards are a little easier to qualify for but usually carry higher interest rates.

Best for:  Frequent shoppers who will benefit from regular coupons and discounts that the card provides

Cash back

Cash back credit cards are just what you would think—credit cards that offer cash back based on your card usage. Many companies offer bonus points for purchases in a monthly category like groceries. Apply for credit cards that offer the best fit for your needs.

Cash back cards are so numerous and so different, you should take advantage of credit card comparison sites to make a choice.

Best for: Shoppers who pay offer their credit card balance each month and organize purchases to earn cash back

Travel rewards

Travel rewards cards are similar to cash back credit cards except that they offer travel perks instead of cash. These cards allow you the flexibility of a credit card along with the opportunity to earn miles and hotel discounts.

These cards don’t allow you to accumulate miles as quickly as airline travel cards and usually carry a slightly higher interest rate.

Best for: Consumers who travel and use their cards for everyday necessities, paying off their balances monthly

How to Choose a Card 

With such a wide array of cards available, make sure you understand

  • what your interest rate will be
  • annual fees you may be charged
  • sign-up bonuses and the requirements to receive them
  • how perks or cash rewards are awarded
  • expiration dates for rewards

When chosen carefully, credit cards that offer rewards can be a real asset to your budget. Many cards offer a wide range of benefits, allowing you to choose a card that suits your spending habits and allows you access to perks that are just right for you.

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