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Managing your credit cards has never been easier. Apps for your smart phone or tablet make it simple to handle decision making, payment, and planning. If you have had a hard time staying on top of credit card debt in the past, take a look at these apps--they can become your personal financial assistants. 

Apps for Getting Ready for Credit

Applying for a credit card before you know whether you can afford the payments is a common mistake, but it’s one you don’t have to make with these apps:

  • Level Money is an award winning app that shows you just how much money you have and how to use it wisely.
  • BUDGT is simple to use and specifically designed for students and those with less money coming in.
  • Pennies is also a simple app that works like a fuel gauge, translating your budget into an easy-to-understand graphic. Although it is an older app, it still gets the job done. 

Apps for Bad Credit

There are hundreds of credit card companies that would love to find their card in your wallet. If you have a great credit score, no-fee, high perk credit card offers abound. But if your credit history has a few dings your choices may be more limited. Credit cards for people with bad credit are available and Credit Karma’s app is a popular choice for anyone concerned about qualifying for a card.

Credit Karma allows you to access your credit score for free and then matches your score with credit cards you may qualify for. It’s free and doesn’t harm your score. In fact, Credit Karma can help you improve your score with handy tools that teach you how to manage your debt load.

Apps for Managing Your Cards

It’s hard to beat your own bank or credit card company’s app for making sure payments are on time. These apps also send payment reminders and alerts that let you know when you are about to go over your limit or incur a charge. If security is a concern for you, using personal bank and credit card apps means you won’t be sharing account numbers or passwords with a third party.

If you have two or more cards, Check is a great app for merging and managing your credit card information. Check allows you to manage your credit card debt, your auto loan, mortgage, or other debt all in one place. The app has been around for a while and gets high marks for accessibility and security.

Apps for Paying Off Your Debt

There’s more to managing your card than making sure your payments are on time and that’s where these apps can help:

  • Debt Tracker Pro is a highly rated app that goes beyond payment assistance, presenting many different payoff scenarios including the ever popular snowball method of debt reduction.
  • Debt Planner app is also an easy-to-use tool for making plans to eliminate debt, including schedules, payoff dates, and calculators.

Apps make keeping your credit health in tip top shape a snap. Take a look around your app store and see what credit card management tools are available to you.

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