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The following balance transfer credit cards are designed to help people to consolidate their credit card debt onto one card with low interest rate, thus saving money on interest charges. Many balance transfer credit card offers below feature a low introductory 0% APR interest rate on credit card balance transfers for up to 18 months.

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Save Money with 0% Balance Transfer Cards

Many people play the cat-and-mouse game of transferring their balances from one credit card to another to help make payments. While this strategy may save an initial payment here and there, interest still accrues and can eventually bury the cardholder in a mountain of debt.

A zero interest rate balance transfer, on the other hand, can save you money in the short run and in the long run. First and foremost, no-interest cards allow you to consolidate your high-interest debt. No longer will you merely service the interest on a loan, you will actually pay the principal down.

In addition, a no-interest credit card can help you survive the lean times in between checks without overextending yourself. As long as you pay the principal on time, it's as if you never borrowed the money. Used wisely, a no-interest credit card is an extremely valuable financial tool. It also comes with the same rewards and perks as a regular credit card.

Getting the Most Out of 0% Balance Transfer Cards

If you want to get a new credit card, you should take advantage of the 0% balance transfer offers for new credit cards. Keep in mind that the 0% introductory rate may be offered for a limited time. Read the terms and conditions to see how much you will be paying. After a set period of time, the APR can revert to an interest rate of up to 18%.

For each balance transfer, you will be charged a transaction fee. Most banks charge $50-$75 per transfer. If there is no fee, you should read about that in the terms and conditions of your contract. Some credit cards consider convenience checks as balance transfers. This means that the money will be deposited into your checking account instead of paying off another credit card. Always remember that most 0% deals only last for a few months and after that you may have to deal with high fees.


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